"We have engaged Impartlinks to undertake various commissions for Cost Management, Procurement, and Contract Management. We learned very quickly that they could adapt to our requests in a changing environment, and still deliver a quality service. We have always found them to be thorough, professional, and wouldn’t have any concern in either using their services again or recommending them to other organisations."

Joe Gordon
Stroud District Council


                 Impart links Maintain

Impart links Maintain is the newest string on the Impart links consultancy services bow.

Maintain is the Direct Labour arm of Impart links allowing for a full turnkey service. We are now able to see work through from identification, options appraisal, cost benchmarking, and where appropriate completing works.

This continuity of service results in the end product being ‘as envisaged’ with fewer disconnects from theory to practice. It also means that Impart links hold accountability for the full service.

With 15 years Consultancy experience the method of working is distinctly different from that of a traditional contractor. Our experienced workforce are managed by a project manager, and our client liaison makes sure all work, specs, and costs are confirmed and agreed ahead of any activity. This is all documented in our Impart links audit report including before and after photographs and all sign off documents.

Turnkey Service

By adding a direct labour force to our service we are now able to provide a turnkey solution. This one-stop shop approach means that there is one point of contact for all aspect of the property or properties. From our traditional consultancy services Impart links can complete measured surveys and asses buildings & grounds, providing structural surveys where necessary.

From the surveys the client asset database can be updated (or created) and a 30 year asset management profile created.

The surveys will show areas where repairs are or will soon be required. If left these could escalate and cause further damage. These repairs are costed using a library of cost data built over 15 years.

If the client does not have the resource to carry out the intervention works required, Impart links ar perfectly placed to procure the contracts needed, & where appropriate Project manage the works utilising our Direct labour workforce and sub-contractors where required.

Impart links approach to repair work follows our value added ethos which runs through the heart of our business. All works carried out are agreed beforehand including full bespoke specifications with the client and a full audit trail compiled including before and after photographs.

Cyclical maintenance & decoration

Preventative works can hugely reduce cost of a reactive service which only takes affect after an issue has occurred.

If we take the example of gutter clearance; With a reactive service the gutter will still need to be cleared incurring the same cost as a preventative service but the potential is that other cost as below will need rectifying:

  • Penetrating damp
  • Mould
  • Blocked drains
  • Broken guttering


Much of the repair work taking place in the market currently is reactive. By identifying potential issues early and planning intervention works savings can be made.

Impart Links Maintain

Budgeting & forecasting costs for asset and attribute replacement is essential to building a sustainable financial model.

To make sure the attributes meet the expected lifespan, or even exceed that lifespan intervention works should be considered. Minor repairs can be made prior to the failure of the attribute to extend its life, and often make good the presentation until the renewal date.

Not only does this approach save money on the attribute itself but prevents any collateral damage from the failure of that attribute.

Small Works

With a history of project management and small works, our team has the experience and skills to lead you project from initial design, option appraisal, and governance


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