2016 A New Dawn - isn't it great!


15 years under our belt and Impart links are nearing the end of yet another successful year. We are looking forward to what the next few years might bring and setting our stall to prepare for prospering during uncertain times.

The world is a troubled place: China underperforming (but still growing) stock markets falling, oil prices tumbling, unrest, particularly throughout the Middle East and parts of SE Asia, migratory pressures from Syria, North Africa and European disunion meaning the pressure is only going to build on housing in the UK.

Our clients are experiencing massive changes: falling rents (and revenue), changing resident needs and different social pressures, a government who are focusing on home ownership and actively pursuing a reduction in reliance on affordable housing, along with changes in benefits and the way these are paid.

These changes are hitting housing providers at their core and each will be re-thinking their commercial, social, and cultural visions, missions, and processes.

One could adopt the ‘glass half empty’ approach, but and there is a big BUT - ‘it’s not half bad’! We have been through bad times and survived very well (2007/12). Employment is high and there is a shortage of skilled resources. These shortages will drive social benefit with an increase in training and apprenticeships, adding skills to potential future tenants.

2016 is, without doubt, going to be a tough year for the housing sector. Increased pressures and less revenue mean the need for hard decisions will be frequent. We know that the need for correct information and making right first time decisions is key to our clients - and we can help!

Impart links have a solid client base and 6 Core service offerings (refer to our website) we are always keen to work with new clients, and are all too aware that there is constant pressure to cut funding. We are forever looking at new ways we can work with and for our clients and are open to discussions to what can work for you.

We make sure that we do what we say:

  • We don’t cut corners
  • We tell it how it is
  • We are honourable, honest and reliable

To all this we add an ongoing relentless pursuit of innovation - Ask us about Impart links Maintain our direct delivery maintenance provider (find another consultant that has this unique approach to AM)

We intend to take the next few years head on doing what we do well, providing added value at a realistic cost (all we want and need is a ‘fair go’) and looking after our clients and colleagues much better than our ‘so say’ competitors.

We believe this heartfelt dogged approach provided by the UK’s very best practitioners (our team) is the key to securing Impart links future in the asset management built environment sector for the next 15 years.

Always happy to have a chat – Please feel free to contact me directly or speak to our BDM as below.

Peter Dark - Impart Links
Peter Dark
Managing Director


You can seek more information about what we do, how we do it and how we can help you by contacting us via Shane Furner

Phone: 07957 687 796 Email: s.furner@impartlinks.com