December 2017


Impart links has seen a strong end to the year, with an upsurge through our traditional client base with new contracts completing a range of services, including Procurement, Project Management, Surveying, Forensic reviews, Development reviews, and VfM reviews with;




Peter is due to finish the first leg of his Round the World Clipper Race this weekend - departing from Perth sailing around Tazmania and back up to Sydney.

We contiue to wish him well. You can support his charity MNDA through the link below:


Impart links Maintain has gone from strength to strength through 2017. Gaining contracts with new clients, and solidifying service offerings with existing clients.

In November our team grew by 2; taking on an experienced landscaper, and a ground worker, growing our direct labour workforce allowing for greater flexibility and enabling our service to be more flexible, and more competitive.

We have just introduced our Winter Health Check aimed at protecting properties that may suffer damage throughout the colder months, and to pre-empt any trip or slip hazards from causing injury.

For details please follow this link:

ILM are now working with:





For more information please contact:

Shane Furner

07957 687796