Contract Audits – Contract Reviews – Dispute Resolution


During these unprecedented times cost of construction materials are increasing at alarming rates

You may have been approached by contractors for price increases?

Impart links are currently working with several clients to evaluate and settle proposed uplifts to provide and audit trail and offer pragmatic advice to keep contracts viable and sustainable.

Impart links can:

  • Help to assess the reasonableness of the request and provide an audit trail for any contractual decisions you make
    • Understand the approach by the contractor
    • Check the calculations against inflationary indices and market prices
    • Reference contract documents and explore exceptions that may facilitate any agreement
    • Reference Procurement Policy Notes and good practice during the Covid Pandemic
  • Recommendations on next steps

Provide a written response with findings to the contractor on your behalf


During the unprecedented times and in line with Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs) you may have reduced the amount of scrutiny of construction contracts and payments. As some normality returns so will the focus on completion and cost.

Impart links Consultancy is working with several clients where design, contract administration, inflated costs, and timescales have become issues.

  • Due to impact of Covid-19, disruption, delays and increased costs may have occurred
  • You may begin to encounter disputes with contractors
  • We are here to help and assist with any contractual issues you encounter
  • Our team of experts can offer guidance on any type of dispute with a sensible settlement strategy that will reduce time and cost for all parties


For further details or enquiries please contact:

Shane Furner

Operations Manager

07957 687796