Coming of Age

Impart links was established on December 6th 2000, and today marks the day the company turns 18 years old!

Impart links still hold to the principles in with which it was started believing in partnering, long term relationships, delivering quality work and adding value.

!8 Years Impart Links

The shape of Impart links has changed, now split into 2 co-existing, linked areas of business:

Impart Links ConsultingImpart links Consulting

  • Cost consultancy,
  • Forensic review & Optioneering,
  • Procurement,
  • Stock Condition Surveys,
  • Asset management

Impart Links MaintainImpart links Maintain

  • Grounds works
  • Building maintenance (Repairs, planned, and voids)
  • Building adaptions and improvements
  • Passive Fire Protection works

Impart Links 18 yearsCheers!

We will be updating our web site in the New Year to better represent the structure and capabilities of our organisation.

In the meantime if you have any queries please contact us:

Shane Furner: 07957 687796