"Impart Links (IL) have offered consistently high standards of service – very responsive and tailored to your needs. The tailoring of the service is an essential requirement for me and is not always received from some of the larger consultant practices. They consistently take time to understand your specific requirements. Project managed our full OJEU procurement tender for responsive repairs and voids. Led on the design of the Open Book cost model and service standards and developed our Open Book cost methodology, led on the tendering process, appointment of contractors and establishment of the core partnership group. Very professional and yet pragmatic in approach and a pleasure to work with. A recent project required me to pull on IL’s time at incredibly short notice (repeatedly!) to hit our own internal deadlines and IL always made time to respond and carry out any additional analysis. Since 2011 we have used IL for the following:- 1) National public procurement exercise for our responsive repairs and voids service. 2) Validation of our stock data (consisting of 5800 properties and over 2 million cells). 3) Assessment of our newly formed in-house repairs service against external providers."

Neil Bolton
Cluid Housing

           Cost Management

Impart links were founded on the principles of Value Management, and adding value underpins all we do. We thrive on success and will always look for better ways of doing things.

We are proactive and highlight potential pitfalls as soon as they become evident. We have a wealth of experience and best practice. Our models and cost management tools and systems have been developed and refined over many years.

We are able to bring a forensic and pragmatic approach to cost management in order to provide objective understanding, and to separate fact from perception. We are proud to have installed and managed many successful open book arrangements, with long term benefits for our clients – driven by our knowledge of the difference between cost and value.

We can help clients avoid "re-inventing the wheel" whilst developing systems for clients that that are right for them and their business. Our team are highly experienced professionals who bring enthusiasm and care passionately about the success of the project and our role.

We have extensive experience of training and capacity building  for our client teams, which we take beyond the technical cost management and contract administration aspects into a wider coaching and mentoring role with qualified coaches to help our clients manage for the future.

Clients include:

  • Warwick District Council
  • Shoreline Housing Partnership
  • Stroud District Council
  • Kensington and Chelsea TMO
  • TCHG
  • Wiltshire Council
  • Warwick District Council
  • Cluid