"Impart Links (IL) have offered consistently high standards of service – very responsive and tailored to your needs. The tailoring of the service is an essential requirement for me and is not always received from some of the larger consultant practices. They consistently take time to understand your specific requirements. Project managed our full OJEU procurement tender for responsive repairs and voids. Led on the design of the Open Book cost model and service standards and developed our Open Book cost methodology, led on the tendering process, appointment of contractors and establishment of the core partnership group. Very professional and yet pragmatic in approach and a pleasure to work with. A recent project required me to pull on IL’s time at incredibly short notice (repeatedly!) to hit our own internal deadlines and IL always made time to respond and carry out any additional analysis. Since 2011 we have used IL for the following:- 1) National public procurement exercise for our responsive repairs and voids service. 2) Validation of our stock data (consisting of 5800 properties and over 2 million cells). 3) Assessment of our newly formed in-house repairs service against external providers."

Neil Bolton
Cluid Housing


Procurement (and OJEU compliant procurement) is a key Impart links service offering. Whether a two stage OJEU, or a less complex selection process, we will ensure compliance and selection based on value, client need and suitability of the provider.

We have facilitated and delivered EU (and non-EU) compliant procurement processes for many public sector/affordable housing providers including:

  • Red Kite Community Housing - planned external works and cyclical
  • Clúid Housing (Ireland) - repairs and voids
  • Wiltshire Council - repairs, voids and planned
  • Homes in Sedgemoor – repairs and voids
  • Westward Housing – repairs and voids with planned options
  • Teign Housing – repairs and voids with planned options
  • Family HA (Wales) – planned and responsive
  • Broxtowe DC - planned
  • Moseley and District Churches HA - planned, cyclical, responsive
  • Mansfield District Council – decent homes

We have specialised tools and the professional expertise to manage complex procurement exercises which are designed to be equitabe and fair in the selction process including;

We believe in shaping procurement processes through collaborative working with clear client objectives, and are not advocates of a "one size fits all" approach.

  • PQQ templates and evaluation models
  • Tender document templates
  • Open book tender cost models
  • Price per plot cost models
  • Traditional cost models
  • Tender evaluation models
  • Standard letter templates for all stages